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sharon cuneta billboard


Early this morning i saw the most famous RAYMUND ISAAC on GMA NEWSTV reacting on the most controversial billboard photo of the mega star SHARON CUNETA  That it was all real that the photo never undergone the what he says “application of Photoshop” and the people are just over reacting with the photo and others is just want to make “SAWSAW” with the issue, because he himself will not going to allow the application of Photoshop in his work or else he cannot longer say that it was photography!


Temptation island remake without ruffa mae quinto!

its kinda sad when i read that ruffa mae quinto will no longer be  included in the remake of the movie TEMPTATION ISLAND, kasi last day i saw an interview with RUFFA MAE QUINTO bout her lovelife life and she said that she is s happy with what is happening in her life now without the love life because she will be doing a lot of show including the remake of the film temptation island and i just read a while ago na hinde na sya kasama, sayang naman for sure kung magiging kasama sya sa film mag dadagdag lng sya ng mga masasayang eksena sa pelikula.

lets just hope her the best, for sure madami pang dadating na magandang role sa kanya in the future!

its my day yesterday!

Yesterday, December 12 I celebrated my 23rd birthday! It was really beyond the usual and for me it was really so funny but deep in my heart I

 really enjoy it! If  Im going to compare  it with the previous birthday that I had…

My day started when we had our break past together of course with my family, too early though, because they still have to go to since it was Friday. After we enjoy the fried rise and egg ass well as the very early grilled tuna (I love it, that’s why my father woke up early for that… Im so touched)

Well since Im going to spent the entire day alone I finally decided to go out and enjoy the early morning breeze walking. I went to calabgan (I  just love the road going to that place, why? Because… well just because!. No reason behind! <Hehehe>) I grab my mp3 player and cellphone then   I go. Ooops wait.. its too cold  out side, I went back and grab my jacket as well (It will help me to perspire most… if im going  to wear it …para pumayat!) then I finaly went out and go!

When I went back, well as usual the house was so empty. I fetch a fail of water but I don’t have to go up the hill just like jack and Jill for the pail of water (hehehe.. corny!) then I took a bath, funny because I did not change my clothes after wards(hahaha). Since im all by my self, im still thinking of what to do? Hmmm.. what is the best thin to do? Then I saw then I saw  the grasses just outside.. patay kayo sa akin then I started uprooting the grasses<parang pang puno lng ginagamit un ah> anyways since im very juan tamad after 10 or 15 minutes of doing so, I went inside our house and took a bath again, this time I finally decided to change what im wearing. Whille im taking a bath… I thought drinking would be nice to spend my day and it will not make me bored!

So finally I went out and then I bought something to drink afterwards I prepared the my room to compliment my mood! I tern the radio on and listen to jayr’s music (ahh.. cool very soul!) then I started drinking and sing along with Jayr. While im singing with the top of my lungs, I receive a text message coming from an old friend that greets me a happy birthday! Of course aside from the word thank you I asked him if he can lend me some DVD. After a minute or so I receive his reply that says he don’t have any film aside from porno, but if I would prepare to watch porno he can lend me. I though it was just a joke, then I said why not as long as it has a great story to offer. It was already past 12 that time and im still enjoying what I am doing (drinking ofcourse and singing although I know I was really out of tune of the time) again here’s comes another text message coming from him that says he was on his way to my house with the DVD with him! Then I reply the his text message that says ur so cute ah kahit ang init pupunta ka for the  CD lng ha, before I even send the message another message come in and when I open it, its from him that says “ are tutod na ako eh! Labas ka na d2” and when I go out, he was really there waiting with his dvd’s. while I was really laughing hard I envited him to come inside the my room since I was drinking inside my room and I invite him to drind as well  but he refuse to so I gave him my dvd as well as the porno that I bought way back in manila where in I thought it was a collection of European film but it turns out that it was a collection of bunches of strippers.

When he left I continue what im doing, then somehow I dnt know what happened I turn on the television set and I played the porno that he gave me(too early for the porno thing! hahahaha) after 15 minutes of clicking the next button of the remote control finally porno thing is over<kakasad ksi walng kwento at puro sex lng na  walang katapusan> and it make me antok as usual.

I came back to what am I doing, singing and drinking! Then when I check the time it was already 4:26 timely because im finish with what im doing and I don’t want my family to see me drinkin so I started cleaning up and fixing thing even my self<hehehe feeling ko kasi prang im so light na lang!>

After wards I prepare the caldero for the  rice and at the same time the  water  for the pasta. After te pasta was cooked same thing with the rise I went out and head the direction going to river  I was thinking of the cold water and I think it will be good one to plunge my sellf in! when I was there, I was a bit disappointed because the water was filled with the green moss(is there any other color for moss) and since im not going to swim anymore I just sat myself with the batuhan and started playing with the stones and it was already dark when I finally desided to go home. My mom was already home when I arrived with my tita tey were preparing the sauce for the pasta.

Well im so tired now, and im not yet finished with my story well to sum it up it was already 1:00 when I finally sleep….



what will happen nxt?

I felt really sad and guilty for not managing my life very well! i dont know who and what to blame for this failure! but i cant consider my life as a big failure (here i am again trying to convince myself that this is still good) because in comparison with other people out there i think i am much much better that them.

If there is one think i think that i have to blame that would be my self and I (who else aside from me)! because from the very start i really dont know what to choose and  it so annoying beacuse unlike others i dont know my own preferences in life i dont know the thing that really makes me happy, its like from the very start that im going with the flow that they set me without even trying to resist the current and do what i want.

Im already 23 now this coming December 12 i will turn 24, its pretty sad that untill now im still confuse with my self(everything in me and my environment). I wish one day when i wake up i am more focus and i have the goal to follow.

sometime i felt like i was just to lazy push through and face the word with courage! , thats why all this things are happening!

kwentong tita’t tito!


I have another story bout mga multo

I was not the one na involve ditto

It was my tita and tito

Lets start with the story of my tito

While he was inside our banyo

He was super mad pag labas nya ditto

Dahil feling nya pinagtritripan sya ng tita ko

Dahil sa kanyang pwet daw biglang may humipo

Kasi hidi nya sinara ang pinto

Ng sya ay umihi sa banyo

Marahil nag enjoy din sya ditto

Kaya hinde nya nilingon kung sino

Ang nangahas na humawak sa pwet ng aking tito

At saka lang nya nalaman ang totoo

Nang lumabas na sya mula sa banyo

At malamang walang tao

At makitang tulog pa din ang tita ko

At pakiramdam daw nya may mga  matang nakaanino

Kahit saan sya ay magtungo

Kaya nagtatanong at natatakot na rin ang aking tito

Heres naman ang story ng tita ko

Nung bagong lipat pa lang kami ditto

Isang gabi ng syang galling sa banyo

Nagulat na lang ang tita ko

Dahil pag tingin nyay may nakalung na tao

Sa salamin nya nakita ang nakawhite na tao

Mega shout ang lola nyo

Dahil dadalawa lang kami ditto

At first tym nyang makakita ng multo

pero all of a sudden nawala na rin ito

At hinde pwedeng maging ako

Ang kanyang nakita ditto

Dahil maputi din daw ito

At black naman kulay ko

That’s the freaking story  ko senyo

Na galling sa aking mga tita at tio

Kaya kayo next tym make sure kasama kayo

Para pag me nagpakita senyo

At least me kasama kayo

At me matatakbuhan kayo



electric fan!


narito na naman aking  kwento

tungkol  sa mga multo

na nasa paligid lang at minsay nangggugulo

hinde ko alam kung ano ang gusto

kung bakit sa lahat  at sa dami ng tao ditto

bakit ang napili pa nila ay ako

hindi  naman open third eye ko

at higit sa lahat takot din naman ako

heto na ang aking kwento

pakinggan nyo

dahil ito bagong bago

nung nakaraang gabi lang nangyari ito

habang akoy nasa kwarto

dahil wala akong mapaglibangan ditto

marahil maligo ang hilig ko

pagkatapos kong manggaling sa banyo

humiga na ako

habang nakikinig ng radyo

bukas ang electric fan ko

                                                     at sa akin ay nakatutok ito

at bigla na lng may bumago

mula sa akin sa ibang dirersyon itoy nagtungo

na wari moy binuhat ng kung sino

alam kong may gumalaw ditto

dahil pantay sa gitna ito

at nang nilingon ko

kitang kita ko na gumagalaw pa ito

na kagaya lang pag inaagawan ako ng kapatid ko

pag bigla syang pumapasok ng kwarto

hay nako mga multo to

bakit ba akoy pinagtrirtripan nyo

di naman nyo sinasagot mga tawag ko

pag kinakausap ko kayo

imahinasyon man ito o totoo

isa lang ang alam ko

at ito ay naranasan ko

na gumalaw ang electric fan  ko

na ang gumalaw ay hinde ako

samantalang ako lang ang tao

sa loob ng aking kwarto

national library’s comfort room!

in fron of the mirror!

the mirror!

Last time I was in the national library of the Philippines with no specific goal like reading books or what so ever… the only reason is that I was already in the vicinity and ang tagal ng kasama ko so I decided to visit the library since I have to pee. While I was in the male comfort room at the ground floor I decided to take pictures just to prove if digital camera can captures the moomoo. While doing so nothing strange happen, my camera only capture my face(ang cute). That’s what I though “nothing strange” but while capturing image inside the comfort room the phone ring trice as a sign that I receive three massages but I ignore it, because I was too busy looking for some mooh mooh or something strange inside the comfort room. To my surprise that was the strange thing that Im really looking forward to witness because when I open  my phone to check out the messages not even a single message was in my inbox. Wow… that was really so shocking because I was really sure that my phone ring trice but not a single message was there. I was thingking maybe just because I was inside the comfort room and I have no signal, but I have a full bar and im really sure I heard  the dingdong sound coming from my phone trice and im the only person inside that room. Besides, I was on  my way out when I check the messages, so it cant be the signal. What I did next was I text my friend and I asked her if she was familiar with the mooh mooh in the the national library then that the only time when my phone receive message.(how come I haerd my phone trise a while ago?)

Since I was so curious with the male comfort room, again I enter the room silently I walk inside and observe if there is something strange. I finally decided to close my eyes in front of the mirror and I said “if there is any single spirit here I want you to make any sound for me to believe youre existence… kung me kailangan ka sa akin paramdam ka! Im going to count 1-10 its you time to para magparamdam” then I start counting 1…2….3….4…. then I heard the sound coming from the door just behind me slowly. I felt goose bump  from my neck. The sound stop but there is still no one coming in…(I swear that moment of my life I was like in a star struck moment all I hear is the sound of my heartbeat and I was really very attentive with the sound coming from the door behind me. I was not aware what will going to happen with me next. There is no “”what if’s on my mind all I know that time is im focus with the sound coming behind me and how im going to deal  with what am I about to see.)…5…6… then I heard slow steps coming inside the room. That time I finaly decided to open my eyes slowly, and to my surprise I see an old man behind me looking straight to my eyes in the mirror. So sad because I realize the person looking at me was real I guess he was really wondering what the hell am I doing. That time I felt very embarrass because he caught me at  the very weird moment of mine. So sad because I thought it will be my time to see them, who always there convincing  me that they are real and yet they don’t show…


I left the male comfort room the next thing on my mind is to see the elevator. From the ground floor I never had a chance to use the elevator because there are a lot of visitor using the elevator participating in the librarian conference staff. So, I decided to use the stairs, at the 2nd floor elevator was not available because they blocked it with computers. When I was at the third floor, there is something on the wall caught my attention. Here is what being posted on the wall:


This elevator is more than

40 years old. To prevent

Accident and further

deterioration, please be inform

that the elevator service

will be only from 8:00 A.M

to 9:00 A.M and 12:00 noon to

1:00 pm.

Thank you


I never had a chance to use  the elevator, I don’t know how come, as if there is someone out there, that is not allowing me to use the elevator alone[I remember sometime ago when the national library was featured in one of the horror show in ABS CBN and one of the scene that was so creepy was shot in the elevator, that is the reason why I want to use the elevator all by my self so I can capture what is inside the elevator, who know if I can capture something strange ] the warning on the wall makes me think, is it really possible that there is something strange in the elevator that even the employee of the library is not using it. For like one hour or so, I stayed in the third floor I never had a chance to use it. Until finally I receive the txt message says that I have to leave the library because my friend that I waited for so long was already in the seven eleven just in from of the building. Until  this particular moment im still having thought of what if. Hopefully I ca go back in that place and finally I  my self can witness what I wish to.

Till next time folks…

at this point in time i heard my phone...

at this point in time i heard my phone...